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Be Expensive

I recently started up a photography business and announced on social media that I'm taking clients. Several friends reached out to me for bookings, but they insist that I should shoot at a discount, or free. How do I gently tell them that the best way to support my business is by paying full price?

Jenn I Love You

A large group of my friends and I rented an Airbnb, and the host requested that we please do this one tedious and smelly cleaning chore before we left, "if [we] can." I was strongly against doing this chore, and I held my ground in a long argument. Did I overreact?

Let Me in Your Freakin' Van

So I just turned 30, and I still can't drive. What's the best way to explain this to my friends? Is it weird and bothersome that I always need a ride?

Lie to Kevin

My friend asked me to look over his novel, and I have some Opinions about it. Is it possible to be critical of his work and also preserve the friendship?

No Saving This Friendship

My friend and I were very close in grad school, but drifted apart after we graduated six years ago. Because we've been out of touch, I was surprised to be invited to her recent wedding. I accepted, but the day before, I realized I couldn’t put on a smile for a reunion that I wouldn't feel part of. Did I make the right decision?

Bad Faith Contrarian

My friend has discovered White Liberal Youtube, and it's pushing all of his friends away, including me! He believes his newfound opinions are correct because he's "thinking about the issues and [we're] not." But as a marginalized person, "the issues" are my everyday reality. How can I make clear to him how much damage he is causing?


I took a semester off from undergrad to be with my family during a difficult time. Now, all my friends are graduating. I feel like I'm about to lose them, and it's all my fault. How do I stay in touch?

Inconsiderate Doofuses

I have religious dietary restrictions, and some of my friends have been pretty crappy about it. How should I handle being the odd one out in a social group?

Fun Looks Different

Is it okay for friends to shift away when we aren’t in the same classes? I have been friends with these people for a few years, but now we don't see each other as much. Is it normal to miss them?

Keep it Fresh in the Bedroom

Two people in my friend group had a big fight after years of tension. One wants to make up, and the other doesn’t want to have any contact. What should I do here?

Just Some Freakin’ Guy

I'm fixated on one friend who doesn't seem as invested as I am. In fact, I find myself obsessing about our level of communication. I feel caught in this loop of waiting to be talked to, and sending messages that don't always get replies. How can I get unstuck? Here's an episode about investing in YOURSELF. Also introducing Susan, Trin's new Texas neighbor. Content warnings for discussion of COVID and therapy.

Brand New Baby Bi

I've realized that I’m bisexual. I am intensely afraid that if I come out, my friends will suspect that I had crushes on them.

Friendship Scones

I broke up with my ex, but we're amicable, and still living together. My friends don't get our situation. How can I make them understand it's all good?

Thawing After The Deep Freeze

So I... didn't really keep in touch with my friends. For the last year. Much at all. Are they going to pissed at me when I reach out?

Any Trash Animal Will Do

A friend from work recently moved into the area. She's lonely, and she's latching onto me. What can I do to help her NOT rely on me for social interaction?

Thighs on the Internet

How can I politely exclude a friend from a group hangout without harming our individual relationship?

Clarify, Reassure, and Move on

One of my friends is just way too sensitive lately. I like to joke a lot, and she feels like everything I say is aimed toward her. How do I tell her in a nice way, not everything is about her?

You're a Billy Zane

I'm leaving a toxic roommate situation that has left me deeply wounded and hurting. How do I communicate my needs to my next roomie as clearly as possible?

Happy Hour, Am I Right??

I like to keep my social life and work life separate, but my coworkers are overwhelming me with their friendship. How can I politely convince them to leave me alone?

General Advice from the Elderly

A rad teen listener asks: My friend keeps dumping her emotions on me. How can I help her get the care she needs?

Fuckboy Book Club

Dear Friendshipping: my book club sucks these days.

Eggs, Eggs in a Basket

Extroverts in the pandemic. Much like dark matter, our calculations suggest that they must exist, but we've had no hard evidence or firsthand accounts... UNTIL NOW. Our asker wants to know if she should just give up and move on from her less-active friendships. What's a socially starved extrovert to do? This week we also discuss writing exercises, Trin's scalp, and how deeply angry we are about the question we're going to answer next week.

What Your Screams Mean

Tale as old as balls: All of your friends really love doing ONE THING together, and it's the ONE THING that you simply do not want to do. Today's asker is tired of playing the often stressful online game "Among Us." Sounds like it's time again for stating some needs and boundaries! We'll also cover alligator attacks, Mario Kart, and the interesting fact that all children's screams sound the exactly same, whether they're having fun or being chased by a lion.

Every DnD Group has a Dave

No matter how cool you may be (and we're pretty sure you're super cool), every human being in history has experienced rejection. This week, our asker wonders if it's worth reaching back out to a group of friends who removed her from their ongoing DnD game, but does not consider that she herself may have done something wrong. Interesting!

Ideally We’ll End Up in Hobbit Holes

Today’s asker brings extremely relatable content: How can I be in touch with my friends, without actually expending the energy to have a conversation? We’ll discuss leaving “love packets” for your pals, the benefits of living underground, and how impressive it is any time you can give even a small amount of time to someone you love.

Every Damn Day, I am Fucking Up

I haven't heard from my friend in a long time. Like: a lonnnng time. Are we still friends? This week, we discuss how equally valid all of the following options are: giving up, giving up for now but then trying again later, or trying now and giving up later.

Don't Let Your Friends Be Your Guitar

How do I maintain friendships if I have a very, very limited social battery? This week we discuss how to keep yourself charged while still putting in the work and being a supportive, loving friend. Content warnings for discussion of diagnosis, brief mentions of depression, PTSD.

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