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A large group of my friends and I rented an Airbnb, and the host requested that we please do this one tedious and smelly cleaning chore before we left, "if [we] can." I was strongly against doing this chore, and I held my ground in a long argument. Did I overreact?
After seven years, it's the beginning of the end. This is the first of the last three episodes of the Friendshipping podcast.  But good news for all you Friendshippers: this is also the beginning... of the beginning?! Soon, Friendshipping will transition into a newsletter. We'll get you the details as soon as we have them, but until then, we're going to shout in confusion over this week's question. When should you hold your ground in an argument with friends? How can one reasonably maintain peace in a group Airbnb? What chore could have possibly been worth a half hour of awkward fighting to not do it?? All this and more, on this, the third to the last episode of the Friendshipping podcast.

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