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This week, we're blasting through a bunch of questions as quickly as we can. We'll cover questions related to topics such as: capitalism, wildly decadent baby showers, ADHD, biphobia, and not being a gamer. We've also got a bunch of thank-yous to force you to listen to, and we'll even go over all our best friendship advice so you'll never have to listen through our entire podcast backlog.
Thank you for listening. (You're welcome for talking.)

  • Story with death mention from 7m36s - 8m10s
  • !!SPOILERS!! for the Loki TV series from 46m10s - 47m40s
  • Discussion of biphobia from 44m30s - 50m50s
  • (Also, to be extremely clear, there's no such thing as "the opposite sex." Just thought we'd put that out there.)

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