Be Expensive

I recently started up a photography business and announced on social media that I'm taking clients. Several friends reached out to me for bookings, but they insist that I should shoot at a discount, or free. How do I gently tell them that the best way to support my business is by paying full price?
Class solidarity means paying your friends fairly! But sometimes, our buds would prefer a little special treatment, even if we can't reasonably give it to them. This week, we'll go over what to say when your friends demand a discount, what to go over in an Informational Email, and when you might want to perhaps consider maybe possibly updating your prices perchance.

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  • Occasional sounds of Trin's dog chewing a bone-like treat in the background throughout the episode.
  • More dog mentions:
    • 1m31s - 1m58s
    • 17m40s - 18m02s
    • 26m22s - 27m59s
    • 30m07s - 30m10s
  • Car accident mention at 3m00s - 3m03s

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