Fuckboy Book Club

Dear Friendshipping: my book club sucks these days.
A very nice bisexual woman has been repeatedly failed by the members of her book club—and not just in the normal ways, like never reading any of the books! Instead, they're failing her in much more disappointing, homophobic, misogynist ways, and quite frankly, we are pretty miffed. Join us for a rousing discussion of getting good grades from your therapist, wielding your privilege, and just quitting your horrible book club already. 

  • For about the first 11 minutes, the topic is therapy and gender.
  • The question is about homophobia, and homophobia is discussed throughout.
  • Brief mentions of fictional sexual assault at roughly 14m20s, 21m12s, and 22m34s.
The phrase "mirrors, windows, and sliding doors" was coined in 1990 by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop. Here's an explanation from the Institute for Humane Education.

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